Mike Kubzansky
Chief Executive Officer

Announcing Imaginable Futures

January 24, 2020

Today we celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of Education with the launch of Imaginable Futures, the final in a series of six recent spinouts from Omidyar Network. Building on seven years as Omidyar Network’s Education Initiative, Imaginable Futures (IF) is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to unlocking human potential through learning. Helmed by longtime Omidyar Network partner Amy Klement, the IF team has deep experience in the education sector, having invested $200 million in more than 100 organizations and enterprises that have reached more than 50 countries. This new entity will build on this success with a more focused mission that will deepen and specialize their work, ultimately increasing impact for global learners, their families and their communities.

Even as we express enthusiasm for the great work yet to come, we also want to acknowledge the tremendous and pathbreaking work that this team has done here at Omidyar Network over the past seven years. They have been on the cutting edge of everything from championing Equitable EdTech to supporting parent students, from thinking critically about how we measure social impact to building a movement in innovations and investment in early childhood education. And their portfolio is wonderfully diverse across issues, geographies, and types of learners. Investments in innovative models such as Wonderschool and Tinkergarten support the youngest of learners, enabling the early childhood ecosystem and promoting school readiness. Gaps in the principal schooling years are addressed through investments such as Bridge Academies and SPARK Schools, which truly demonstrate what is possible in low-resource environments when governments and innovators come together around shared goals. And they champion adult learners, addressing reskilling through investments such as the African Leadership University and Laboratoria, and parent learners through collaborations such as Ascend at the Aspen Institute and innovative approaches like Holberton School and Handshake. The impact of this portfolio has already been considerable, and is only the beginning for Imaginable Futures.

This is last of Omidyar Network’s planned program of spinouts that began in March 2018, which have included Spero, Luminate, Flourish, Omidyar Network India, PlaceFund, and now Imaginable Futures. And while Omidyar Network now turns our attention to addressing the systemic challenges facing society, we will continue to work with all of these organizations on issues of shared interest, and are excited to see the new paths they forge as independent entities. And while Imaginable Futures may be the last of these spinouts, it is certainly not least; high quality education that reaches all corners of society is central to everything we aim to achieve for human flourishing, from democratic citizenship to empowerment of women to economic opportunity and beyond. Their mission has rarely been more essential, and this team has already made tremendous strides in unlocking human potential through learning. We are excited for all the impact yet to come, and look forward to cheering on their continued success.

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