Mike Kubzansky
Chief Executive Officer

Omidyar Network India: Helping Create a Meaningful Life for Every Indian

May 14, 2019

An education start-up that provides loans to schools to build playgrounds, add libraries, or expand STEM education through new science labs. A foundation that empowers citizens and governments to meaningfully interact with each other to catalyze change. A lender that financially supports small businesses in India that otherwise wouldn’t have access to capital. These are just a few examples of the high impact portfolio our team has built in India. 

To better serve these investments — and ultimately, the people they seek to impact — all decision-making authority over our India portfolio has shifted to our experienced and highly effective teams on the ground in Mumbai and Bangalore. This autonomous business unit will operate as Omidyar Network India under the continued leadership of Roopa Kudva. 

As the world has become significantly more connected, the need for local expertise can too often be overlooked; our team in India has proven time and time again that their deep understanding of the needs of the next half billion is critical to achieving their mission of creating a meaningful life for every Indian. Going forward, they will continue to focus on sourcing, launching, and supporting innovative solutions to the region’s most difficult problems in the areas of digital identity, education, emerging technology, financial inclusion, governance and citizen engagement, and property rights. 

We are proud of all that this team has accomplished already in our work together, and look forward to continuing to work with them as an autonomous unit — along with our other sister organizations Spero, Luminate, and Flourish — to advance opportunity and drive empowerment worldwide.

Please join us in following Omidyar Network India at @on_india. We look forward to watching their ongoing success! 

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