Omidyar Network publishes “Priming the Pump for Impact Investing” in partnership with Stanford Social Innovation Review.

September 25, 2012

Five years after the term ‘impact investing’ was coined, Omidyar Network has developed a series of six articles that highlight key issues and opportunities for the industry. Presented in partnership with Stanford Social Innovation Review, the online series, “Priming the Pump for Impact Investing, begins today and extends through October 2.

Omidyar Network makes the case for a fundamental shift from a firm-based to a sector-based approach to impact investing. By making earlier stage investments, re-evaluating the role of subsidies and policies, and investing across the financial returns continuum, we believe that impact investors can spark, nurture and scale entire new sectors for positive social impact.

Be part of the dialogue.

The first article in the series, “Sectors, Not Just Firms,” can be read on the Stanford Social Innovation Review website.

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