Why We Invested: Mapping Slums in Odisha, India with Tata Trusts

May 15, 2018

In India, having “patta” is critical to accessing social and financial opportunity. Patta, or property titles, may sometimes be the only way to show the proof of address that’s needed to open a bank account, enroll children in school, and access government benefits. Without it, many are invisible to the system.


Designed to Earn Your Trust | Why We Invested: The Correspondent

Trust is in decline. Less than half the population surveyed “trusted the news” in the 36 countries covered by the Reuters Institute Digital News Report, with 38% of Americans actually “avoiding” it.


Why We Invested: Learning Machine

May 7, 2018

One promising model for self-sovereign digital identity is Learning Machine, a new investment of Omidyar Network’s Digital Identity initiative. Learning Machine enables individuals to own their credentials digitally, and share them for verification themselves—thus reducing the dependency on the issuing authority and enhancing privacy.

Nilesh Agarwal
Associate, Investments

Making Healthcare Affordable in India: Why We Invested in AffordPlan

May 3, 2018

Why we invested in AffordPlan, a FinTech platform designed to help low- and middle-income Indian consumers manage planned healthcare expenses.

Wendy Trott
Analyst, Investments

Using Mobile Action to Power Change | Why We Invested:

Amandla! Awethu!  This popular South African rallying cry was a powerful symbolic act against oppression during the fight against the apartheid regime - a demand that the people govern themselves.  Meaning “Power!

Robynn Steffen
Director, Impact Investing

Why We Invested: The ImPact Next Generation Leadership Council

April 26, 2018

As millions of people joined the March for Our Lives last month, it reminded me that sometimes it takes the next generation to inspire us and lead us forward. With fresh eyes, they see justice so clearly.

Paula Goldman
Vice President and Global Lead, Tech and Society Solutions Lab

Reflections on TED2018: How the Tech Debate Brings New Opportunities

April 25, 2018

A few weeks ago, I attended TED2018 in Vancouver. I’ve since found myself reflecting on how different this year’s event was from many TEDs of years past.


How our New Investments Address the Needs of India’s “Next Half Billion”

April 25, 2018

We recently announced six new investments — Doubtnut, Pratilipi, Healofy, Vedantu, Kaleidofin, and Affordplan — all of which align with our goal of supporting entrepreneurs that serve the Next Half Billion.

Yaw Mante

Bringing Insurance to Smallhold Farmers: Why We Invested in Pula

April 23, 2018

If you are smallhold farmer in Eastern Africa, you probably have noticed that the air is already turning heavy with rain, which indicates that you should start considering which seeds to purchase for the sowing season.

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Omidyar Network @OmidyarNetwork

Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay in the US, and our investee @dosomething is reminding everyone that it only…


It is more critical than ever to agree on Good digital identity

CV Madhukar, global lead for Omidyar Network's Digital Identity initiative, shares how it's more critical than ever for the global community to agree on the parameters of a good digital identity



Bon Raises INR 7.8 Crore in a Seed Round Led by Omidyar Network

Bon, the FinTech platform that facilitates digital credit for flexible workers, today announced that it has raised INR 7.8 Crore ($1.1 million USD) in a seed round led by Omidyar Network.



Paula Goldman: Emerging Tech Needs Guardrails

Paula Goldman talked with Techonomy about emerging technology and the need to build robust guardrails to mitigate unintended harm.