Research Report
Research Report

10 Strategies for Building Innovation Ecosystems in Early Stage Markets

October 30, 2018

Technology has the potential to have a dramatic impact on developing countries. The cost of connectivity and components has fallen significantly, while the power and utility of technology have massively increased. In critical sectors like health and education to financial inclusion and open government there is an opportunity for poorer countries to perform a “digital leapfrog”: to use technology to accelerate growth and development.

However, to really take advantage of technology, developing countries need people and organizations who understand and can apply these tools and processes. In many developing countries, these kinds of innovation ecosystems don’t exist. But, they can be built.

In this brief, Omidyar Network's entrepreneur-in-residence David Madden looks at what can be learned from the example of Myanmar, where he founded Phandeeyar, the country's first incubator. Read the full report here