Why We Invested: The Impact Management Project

July 19, 2017

Learn why we invested in the Impact Management Project, an ambitious effort led by Bridges Impact+ to facilitate a global conversation, coalescing over 700 practitioners across geographies and disciplines  to build consensus about what is relevant when we talk about and manage impact.


Why We Invested: Alliance for Financial Inclusion

July 17, 2017

A big differentiator of Omidyar Network’s approach to investments is our hybrid model.


Looking Back at What We’ve Learned

July 14, 2017

As the senior director of learning and impact at Omidyar Network, I’m passionate about our journey to cultivate learning processes and a learning culture that increases our impact.


Technology is transforming what happens when a child goes to school

Article July 21, 2017

The Economist looks at the latest in edtech and the sophisticated ways software is interacting with students, highlighting our investees AltSchool, Siyavula, and Geekie.


Novo relatório revela que o setor de mídia digital independente cresce mesmo sob ataque na América Latina

Announcement July 20, 2017

A SembraMedia, uma organização sem fins lucrativos que apoia jornalistas empreendedores, em parceria com a Omidyar Network, publicou hoje “Ponto de inflexão”, o mais completo estudo já realizado sobre o crescimento e o impacto da mídia digital independente na América Latina, bem como as ameaças ao setor.


Nuevo estudio revela que el sector de medios digitales independientes latinoamericanos está creciendo, pero sujeto a ataques

Announcement July 20, 2017

SembraMedia, una empresa sin fines de lucro que apoya el periodismo emprendedor, en asociación con Omidyar Network, publicó hoy Punto de inflexión, el mayor estudio realizado hasta la fecha acerca del crecimiento, el impacto y las amenazas para los medios de comunicación digitales independientes en América Latina.


Inflection Point

Research Report July 20, 2017

Inflection Point, a study on independent digital media in Latin America, reveals that these organizations are increasingly influential in covering issues that promote better governance and fight abuses of power, but face escalating attacks that could force them to self-censor or terminate operations.


Modernizing Digital Financial Regulation: The Evolving Role of RegLabs in the Regulatory Stack

Research Report July 17, 2017

Omidyar Network has sponsored a new report by The Aspen Institute’s Financial Security Program on the topic of financial sandboxes or RegLabs as tool to modernize financial regulation and improve engagement with innovators.


How Does Cignifi Work?

Multimedia June 27, 2017

In the latest video in our Omidyar Network Learning Series, we explain how our investee Cignifi uses the digital footprints left behind by mobile phone usage to help consumers gain access to credit in emerging markets around the world.