A Safe Financial System for All; Why We Invested in Hummingbird

November 15, 2018

Despite an intensive and international effort to crackdown on illicit finance, over $2 trillion of dirty money is laundered globally every year. The UN estimates less than 1 percent of all money laundering is caught, even though compliance is getting more complex and expensive.


The Promise of Frontier Markets; Why We Invested in Tez

November 12, 2018

FinTech is an exciting field anywhere in the world right now. But in certain markets, FinTech has the potential to truly shape the future of finance.


A Two Generation Approach to Early Childhood: Why We Invested in Ascend at the Aspen Institute

November 1, 2018

"I want to show people that you shouldn’t be ashamed to get help, you should feel empowered — that it can be a beginning for you, for your dreams to flourish and grow.” — Brittany Block, Parent Advisor for the Aspen Postsecondary Success for Parents initiative.


ShopUp Raises $1.62 Million Seed Round Led by Omidyar Network

Announcement November 12, 2018

The company is a digital credit platform facilitating working capital to small-business owners and home-based entrepreneurs in Bangladesh


Financial Health Solutions For Consumers Evade Financial Firms

Article November 9, 2018

The future of financial services hangs on creating sustainable revenue models for players that support financial wellness, create value, and build trust with underserved consumers. But how is the consumer positively impacted? And who should pay for these solutions?


Use Customer Surveys to Measure and Improve Nonprofit Programs

Article November 7, 2018

Omidyar Network's Jessica Kiessel and the Fund for Shared Insight's Melinda Tuan reflect on how nonprofits can measure program effectiveness by listening to feedback from constituents.


Beyond Trade-offs

Research Report October 31, 2018

Introducing Beyond Trade-offs, a series of perspectives from leading impact investors about how they balance risk, return, and impact. Published on The Economist’s digital platform, the series highlights how a nuanced approach to impact investing can help us move past the polarizing trade-offs debate to move more capital off the sidelines.


10 Strategies for Building Innovation Ecosystems in Early Stage Markets

Research Report October 30, 2018

Technology has the potential to have a dramatic impact on developing countries. The cost of connectivity and components has fallen significantly, while the power and utility of technology have massively increased. In critical sectors like health and education to financial inclusion and open government there is an opportunity for poorer countries to perform a “digital leapfrog”: to use technology to accelerate growth and development.


The Missing Middles

Research Report October 24, 2018

Small and growing businesses (SGBs) contribute to significant positive impact in emerging economies, but they struggle to access the capital they need to reach their full potential. The Missing Middles: Segmenting Enterprises to Better Understand Their Financial Needs aims to help investors, intermediaries, and entrepreneurs better navigate the complex landscape of SGB investment in frontier and emerging markets.