Why We Invested: ParentPowered

January 17, 2018

ParentPowered is a new company leveraging the power of mobile technology to bring early education support to the parents who need it.


Empowering Citizens to Fight Corruption | Why We Invested: SERAP

January 10, 2018

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Program (SERAP ) plays a leading role in the long fight for transparency in Nigeria and in building jurisprudence around access to information.


Why We Invested: Wonderschool

January 8, 2018

Wonderschool is enabling educators to start, expand, and successfully run early childhood programs in their homes in a sustainable way.


At 50, Roopa Kudva changed her career path to make social impact with Omidyar Network

Article January 17, 2018

Roopa Kudva talked with YourStory about her career path, opportunities she sees in the Indian market, and Omidyar Network's new report, Innovating for the Next Half Billion.


Thomson Reuters Foundation expands coverage of cities

Announcement January 17, 2018

The Thomson Reuters Foundation will be expanding its property rights coverage with the addition of Citiscope, an online platform created to help cities work better for all people through the power of independent journalism.


ParentPowered raise $2.65M in Seed Funding to Build ‘On-Demand Library for Parenting Tips’

Announcement January 17, 2018

ParentPowered, an organization creating accessible tools to support effective parenting, has raised $2.65 million in funding led by Omidyar Network.


Innovating for the Next Half Billion

Research Report December 18, 2017

Omidyar Network’s newest report, Innovating for the Next Half Billion, details how innovators can effectively reach the next wave of Indians coming online via their mobile phones over the next five years.


What Does the Human Experience Mean to Digital Identity?

Research Report December 14, 2017

Devi is a peanut seller from Bengaluru. He feels empowered by what Aadhaar can enable for him. “It is my identity as a citizen of India to have this Aadhaar card. Yes or no?” he says. “Well, those benefits [of having a card] are for me to go and get.”


The Continuing Evolution of Omidyar Network

Article November 30, 2017

Like the entrepreneurs that we are fortunate to be able to support, Omidyar Network must continuously evolve to be most effective; we must adapt to changing conditions and seize promising opportunities.