Jake Porway
Founder and Executive Director

DataKind harnesses the power of data science in the service of humanity. The organization engages data science and social sector experts on projects addressing critical humanitarian problems and leads the conversation about how data science can be applied to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Launched in 2011, DataKind is headquartered in New York City and has Chapters in Bangalore, Dublin, San Francisco, Singapore, the UK, and Washington DC. As big data permeates all sectors, many mission-driven organizations are inundated by data from digital and mobile programs but lack the resources to capitalize on these opportunities. DataKind acts as a convener of the data-holders (government), the problem-holders (nonprofits), and the technologists (data scientists), leading organizations to better decision-making and greater social impact.

Through its global work, DataKind is improving the quality of, access to, and understanding of data. Its programs build valuable use cases that demonstrate the value of data, translating into more social and public sector organizations prioritizing data in their plans and budgets – an important step in advancing and reinforcing the open data movement.

United States
Stacy Donohue