Cape Town based Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) increases individual and organizational capacity through online training to digital finance professionals across Africa and the global south. DFI delivers courses through a blended learning approach, combining online teaching with online and in-person communities of practice and by facilitating a network of online professionals.

From their broader portfolio, DFI has trained over 3,000 students in 18 cohorts across its seven courses, including 300 in the digital identity course (as of 2019). Course participants represent more than 800 organizations in 85 countries, including 33 countries from sub-Saharan Africa alone. DFI students and alumni, have access to DFI (1) community of industry professionals representing public, private and development sectors in 60 countries through its online community, (2) job site Switch, (3) physical communities of practice established in 18 cities globally and (4) online knowledge bank of resources.

DFI’s certification in digital identity is the only online course on digital identity and critical to building an ecosystem for on-going training and capacity building to and for ID issuers. Through the four-week certification course, students:

  • Understand the core language and concepts of the digital identity field
  • Analyze public, public-private, and private models of digital ID
  • Apply digital ID systems for different types of financial service providers
  • Connect with peers online and engage in a community of practice