Jordan Meranus, Co-Founder and CEO, and Teddy Rice, Co-Founder and President

English Language Learners (“ELLs”) are the fastest growing segment in US K-12 Education. Even though there is a meaningful achievement and opportunity gap in this segment, there are very few technology solutions addressing this critical growing demographic.

 Ellevation is a software company exclusively focused on ELLs. To support hard-working and passionate educators, Ellevation develops multiple solutions to improve instruction, enhance collaboration and maximize impact:

  • At the district level, the Ellevation Platform provides ELL Coordinators and Specialists with a program management solution that supports data analysis, record keeping, reporting, and standards-aligned instructional planning.  
  • At the classroom level, Ellevation informs educators about their students’ language acquisition needs through two solutions: Ellevation Collaborate facilitates online collaboration – such as digital monitoring and access to student documents – to address student needs. The second solution, Ellevation Strategies, helps teachers personalize instruction and embed language development into everyday lessons.

 Every Ellevation solution is supported by a service and support team, which includes engineers as well as former ESL/Bilingual coordinators and teachers.

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