International Budget Partnerships


Warren Krafchik

Founded in 1997, the International Budget Partnership (IBP) promotes transparent and inclusive budget processes as a means to improve governance and service delivery in the developing world. The aim of the IBP is to ensure that government budgets are more responsive to the needs of poor and low-income people and to make budget systems more transparent and accountable to the public.

The IBP partners with civil society organizations around the world, leveraging their local knowledge, experience navigating their country’s policy processes, and their relationships with the public in order to transform their country’s budget system. In order to achieve its goals, the IBP works in five major areas: building budget analysis and advocacy skills through training and technical assistance; measuring and advancing transparency, accountability, and public participation in the budget process; contributing to strong and sustainable organizations by providing financial assistance for civil society budget work; enhancing knowledge exchange by acting as a hub of information on civil society budget work; and building vibrant international and regional budget networks.

Omidyar Network is supporting IBP’s development of a real-time Open Budget Survey Tracker, significantly improving the availability and accessibility of data availability in 30 countries worldwide, as well tracking transparency and civic participation at county level in Kenya.

Martin Tisné