mySociety runs websites that enrich the civic aspects of people’s lives and enable the public and nonprofit sectors to use technology more effectively to help citizens.

Why We Invested

mySociety runs many of the best-known democracy and transparency websites in the United Kingdom, as part of its mission to carry out and disseminate research in the e-democracy field. It builds websites that give citizens access to information about their government, elected officials, and money in politics. With Omidyar Network’s grant, mySociety will build organizational capacity and help African organizations to develop digital tools and websites that enable citizens to hold their governments to account.

In the United Kingdom, changes to laws and the Freedom of Information legislation passed in 2005 have led to a massive increase in demand for data that organizations and citizens can now access as a matter of right. mySociety’s simple-to-use, interactive websites have been leaders in encouraging greater openness within government, such that all major political parties in the United Kingdom have now pledged to continue to make government data accessible and transparent in the next Parliament. With many other governments still shielding their inner workings from public view, mySociety offers an opportunity for people to gain insight into their governments by adopting the organization’s open source tools and services in their own countries.

Stephen King
Board Member