Joe Ludlow
Joe Ludlow

Nesta's work ranges from early-stage investing to in-depth research and practical programs, all with the goal of boosting innovation and helping individuals and organizations bring great ideas to life. A leading impact investor in the United Kingdom, Nesta has built a portfolio consisting of 15 funds, incubators, and advisory firms.

Nesta’s investment and granting funds cover a number of sectors, including the arts, technology, education, and health. The organization is also a leader in incubating young talent, becoming a global hub for innovators the world over. The organization measures success in a number of ways: in investment through growing social impact, capital value, and pioneering new types of finance; in research through the quality and influence of analysis and ideas; and in the Innovation Lab through the reach and depth of its projects, including both direct impact and influence on public policy.

In particular, Nesta’s early stage and impact investment efforts support ventures that are applying creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking to achieve positive social change.  Nesta’s first impact investment fund focuses on innovations in education, ageing and well-being, and community sustainability, and Nesta’s incubator, Bethnal Green Ventures, has seeded and accelerated a number of exciting early-stage ventures.

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