Alex Souter and Saptarshi Nath

Overcart is India's first online marketplace for overstock, unboxed, refurbished, and preowned products. Overcart partners with suppliers to manage their returns or unwanted inventory, and help them liquidate them directly to consumers through, once these products have cleared the company's rigorous quality checks. Suppliers, on average, realize between 20 and 25 percent more income from selling products through Overcart relative to informal, highly intermediated offline channels.

Products on Overcart are either labeled as “excess stock,” meaning they were surplus inventory that is still sealed and carries a full warranty, “unboxed,” meaning the item is brand new but the packaging has been opened, or “refurbished,” meaning the item has been restored to its original working condition by the manufacturer and tested by Overcart. 

In each instance, the platform increases the purchasing power of Indian consumers by offering quality, tested, and often new products at a meaningfully cheaper rate. By certifying the quality of these products, Overcart brings transparency to what is otherwise an opaque "buyer beware" market for Indian consumers. And by making these products more affordable, Overcart brings a new set of consumers who are not otherwise online shoppers to its platform.

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