Ben Berkowitz

SeeClickFix empowers citizens, community organizations and governments to care for and improve their neighborhoods by providing technology tools that promote civic engagement and government transparency.

Why We Invested

Utilizing online and mobile platforms, SeeClickFix develops programs for individuals to report and monitor non-emergency issues in their communities. This gives citizens a meaningful way to voice concerns of importance to them, hold government leaders accountable and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods across the United States.

Through open source technologies, SeeClickFix seeks to inspire civic engagement, while strengthening community bonds and fostering collaboration in resolving local problems. From potholes in New Haven and abandoned cars in Philadelphia to broken playground equipment in Richmond and downed road signs in Tucson, citizens can take active roles in addressing everyday problems by reporting them to their local government agencies via online and mobile platforms. In turn, resource-constrained municipal agencies can rely on the eyes and ears of citizens across the community.

Omidyar Network’s support will enable SeeClickFix to enhance and scale its programs in order to encourage government transparency and achieve greater social impact.


United States
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