Devin de Vries, Chris King, and Dave New

Public transportation is a necessity for people living in emerging cities, but a city’s many transportation systems often aren’t integrated, and it’s difficult for citizens to access information about transportation options.

WhereIsMyTransport aims to disrupt the costly and inefficient public-private transportation systems in emerging markets with a scalable and replicable data-driven, multi-modal transportation platform.

The company’s tools bring commuters, operators, and regulators together to tackle issues facing the transportation industry. WhereIsMyTransport provides a platform for commuter information services, including apps and displays that allow commuters to track and compare transportation costs, find the most efficient route for their trip, and report bad roads. Operators of rail, buses, shuttles, and informal taxi networks can consolidate their timetables and systems online and can easily share passenger advisories. Over time, regulators will be able to analyze consumer usage to make data-driven decisions around their cities’ investment and infrastructure. By working with WhereIsMyTransport, emerging cities can make regulation and operation of transportation more sustainable and efficient.

Ory Okolloh