Our investment in New Citizen (Centre UA)

March 4, 2014

Our investment in New Citizen (Centre UA)

Omidyar Network has received some questions recently regarding our investment in Centre UA, located in Ukraine. The announcement explaining our investment can be found in our 2011 press release.

To date, Omidyar Network's committed investments in Centre UA total $1.105M, $335,000 in 2011 and $770,000 in 2013. This investment is part of our Government Transparency initiative and was made to amplify the voices of Ukrainian citizens and promote open and accountable government.

We are proud of Centre UA’s achievements and advancements made as a result of our investments. We stand by our investment decisions and the important work of organizations that strive for greater transparency among their government and citizens.

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Tour durch #Russia und #Ukraine: Fahrradfahrt für den Betriebsfrieden via @SPIEGELONLINE

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