Exploration & Future Sensing

The Exploration and Future Sensing team is at the heart of Omidyar Network’s innovation and its commitment to continually sharpen our focus on the deep-seated and emerging issues in society.

To do that, the team scans for emergent signals and trends, imagines futures very different from the present, and catalyzes dialogue and experimentation to test new avenues of change. Their research, diverse network, and early experiments provide critical insights that we can use today to prepare for what may come, and build a better future. Sample topics include: the mainstreaming of neonationalism, the “moonshot economy” and applications of 3D and 4D printing, the mental health epidemic, quantum computing, social media influencers, the ascendance of China, and transhumanism.

But most of all, the Exploration and Future Sensing team seeks to open the door to new perspectives. Early efforts include sponsoring the NextGen Foresight Practitioners Award, building a foresight community, and testing online engagement on emerging issues. Next for this team is incubating ideas out of the opportunities they’ve surfaced and building partnerships in realizing a future that includes and empowers us all.

To follow our insights and join the conversation, you can reach us at [email protected].

Using foresight, deep listening, and experimentation to inspire new thinking about where the world is heading and what we can do about it now, to build a future that includes and empowers us all.


Nicole Allred
Senior Manager, Strategic Communications
Eshanthi Ranasinghe
Principal, Exploration and Future Sensing


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