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Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest chain of primary schools offering high-quality education at an affordable price to families living on less than $2 a day per person.

Why We Invested

Bridge International Academies extends access to primary education in Africa, demonstrating the power of for-profit innovation to transform lives. Its mission is Knowledge for all. By employing key characteristics of successful franchises, Bridge's vertically integrated Academy-in-a-Box approach has reengineered the entire lifecycle of basic education, leveraging data, technology, and scale in order to keep quality up and prices as low as $5 a month (on average).

With Omidyar Network’s investment, Bridge will rapidly increase access to high-quality, affordable education to millions of children in the developing world. Building upon its success in Kenya, Bridge plans to operate in at least 12 countries across Sub-Saharan African and India and have more than 10 million pupils by 2023. In addition to providing a new, effective option for education, these schools will also create jobs and provide income for education workers in local communities.