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Video: Customer perspectives on how Micel provides an affordable means to access mobile telephony services.

Omidyar Network will help provide the capital and expertise we need to scale and promote a truly disruptive offering that meets critical voice and Internet communications gaps in Mexico and beyond.

— Gabriel Manjarrez, Co-founder and CEO of Micel

Micel seeks to increase the accessibility of telecommunications for the broadest segment of society in Mexico by delivering high-quality, affordable mobile and Internet services.

Why We Invested

Mobile telephony is a massive market in Mexico and Latin America, where the majority of people are forced to use costly prepaid services that require a substantial initial handset investment. Founded in 2008, Micel (formerly Finestrella) enables unbanked consumers to acquire affordable postpaid mobile plans without upfront costs or the requirement of a credit card or bank account. The company’s plans, offered in 10 cities across Mexico, reach over 40% of the country’s population.

There is strong evidence that expanding access to telecommunications can have massive social and economic benefits. Micel has developed a truly innovative model to do exactly that—enable greater access at significantly lower prices for the consumer. Omidyar Network’s support will enable Micel to rapidly expand the availability of its current offerings, while developing new products and services to unlock the full power of mobile communications for the base of the pyramid.