Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente

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Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente (FCI) promotes government transparency and accountability in Latin America by using web and mobile technologies to encourage active citizen participation in the political process.

Why We Invested

Established prior to the 2008 national elections in Chile, FCI was founded on the belief that citizen access to information and engagement in political and policy-making processes are vital for democracy to persevere in Latin America. Using open-source web and mobile tools, FCI gathers, organizes, and shares information traditionally closed to the public in order to develop a more informed citizenry that can engage on issues of importance to them. By reducing information asymmetries and thus removing barriers to social action, FCI aims to mobilize citizen participation and promote more open, accountable governments.

While currently focused in Chile, FCI will use Omidyar Network’s grant to extend its technology tools to NGO partners in other countries across Latin America in order to improve government transparency and accountability on a much broader scale.