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The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI) brings together philanthropic foundations, official aid agencies, and civil society networks to promote innovation and learning on transparency and accountability across many fields of international development.

Why We Invested

T/AI works to expand the momentum, impact, and scale of transparency and accountability interventions, with an emphasis on new technologies, policy innovations, and sustainable advances in society. Working with governments, foundations, NGOs, and other practitioners, T/AI seeks to galvanize support for ambitious new ideas and promote better funding for this field of work with the ultimate goal of better enabling citizens to hold their government and institutions to account.

T/AI is led by a diverse group of eight leading funders, including Omidyar Network, other private foundations, and NGOs. With Omidyar Network’s grant, it will build organizational capacity and expand its use of technology to engage citizens and leaders, encourage collaboration on governance, and strengthen the global transparency and accountability movement.