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July 6, 2015

Omidyar Network Managing Partner, Matt Bannick, recently kicked off the Omidyar Network Executive Forum (ONEF) in San Francisco by recognizing some of the remarkable achievements of our portfolio partners.

Held exclusively for leaders of the organizations we support, ONEF is designed to help expand individual and organizational success. Attendees had the opportunity to refine key business and leadership skills by participating in interactive workshops, meeting other leaders in the Omidyar Network portfolio, and learning alongside some of the most creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the world.


Omidyar Network @OmidyarNetwork

"Despite all the uncertainty, I remain an optimist that we can, together, help turn a moment of crisis into a bette…

Omidyar Network @OmidyarNetwork

We're incredibly proud & grateful for @Doteveryone. 5 yrs of changing the way tech is made! Thank you…

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As the coronavirus pandemic upends our country’s economy, it is critical that our government respond with action to support the stability and well-being of American families, particularly those already struggling economically and most vulnerable to the consequences of