Human Capital

Nothing in the world gets done absent human relationships.

Omidyar Network’s human capital strategy is rooted in this simple, powerful belief and is paired with the recognition that money alone cannot solve every problem or bring about the positive social impact we seek.

The leaders of the organizations we support face complex challenges in building successful organizations while delivering on their missions to improve society as a whole. To be successful, they must possess a rare balance of entrepreneurial vision, business acumen, and social commitment.

Omidyar Network serves our investees by providing a range of human capital capabilities. Our investment professionals often assume board roles and consult on business strategy. At the request of our investees, we provide executive leadership coaching and talent management training, and our full-time recruiting team identifies top-tier C-level talent to help our investees achieve their growth and performance goals

Because we operate at the intersection of impact investing and traditional grant making, we are well-positioned to inspire peer-to-peer learning across our network of emerging and established entrepreneurs. The sharing of best practices and insights gained across sectors helps instill the value of collaborative leadership and channel the passion of the change maker into effective strategies that scale social change over time.

Nothing in the world gets done absent human relationships.