Open Up 2016


Open Government 2025: Scanning the Horizon

We're looking forward to welcoming open government experts, government officials, technologists, civic tech pioneers, and business leaders to reflect on lessons learned from the early years of open government and to discuss what the future might hold for open, accountable and participatory government. 

Through a series of interviews, panel and audience discussions and short presentations, the event will address progress in the open government movement to date, what hasn’t been successful, and how those lessons should inform our approach in the future. We will explore several potentially disruptive innovations in open government, including automated decision-making using algorithms - and how to ensure an ethical and accountable framework - and the increasing use of unique digital identification systems by governments around the world. The ability of citizens to engage effectively with government and whether governments are making meaningful progress in participation will be themes running throughout the day.

We hope the event will explore what needs to be done to prepare citizens and governments for an increasingly digital and data-driven future. We look forward to a lively and informed debate on what open government should and might look like by 2025.

Stephen King

Partner, Omidyar Network