Five Surprisingly Consequential Decisions Governments Make About Digital Identity

June 18, 2019

This week, leaders from 95 countries have traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to attend the ID4Africa annual meeting and learn more about the rapidly growing d


Congress Must Go Further to Rein In Big Tech

June 10, 2019

Anamitra Deb and Gus Rossi share insights on regulating tech giants as the era of self-governance comes to a close.


Open Questions on Good ID: Can it be Measured?

June 6, 2019

We aspire for all digital ID to be Good ID, but we also know that journey includes obstacles and requires more learning. In this new series, we will tackle open questions, one at a time, to share our perspective and invite others to offer theirs — all with the goal of adding more clarity on Good ID and finding the ideas that will move Good ID into practice.


How Omidyar Network Aims to Reimagine Capitalism

Article June 21, 2019

Mike Kubzansky shares insights about our refreshed strategy in a recent interview with The Business of Giving.


WeRobotics Launches $235,000 Challenge to Solve Social Issues through Drone Data

Announcement June 19, 2019

WeRobotics, an organization focused on accelerating the positive impact of robotics solutions through local expertise, today launched the Unusual Solvers Competition to advance the “drones for good” movement globally.


Mike Kubzansky Shares Insights with The Business of Giving

Multimedia June 18, 2019

Mike Kubzansky shares insights about our refreshed strategy and Beneficial Tech work in a recent interview with The Business of Giving.    Listen here.


Using Self-Reported Data for Impact Measurement

Research Report May 16, 2019

Omidyar Network partnered with the Impact Measurement Project to develop a critical first step in helping to design and implement surveys that can provide meaningful data across five dimensions of impact.


Exploration & Future Sensing: Trends to Watch in 2019 & Beyond

Research Report March 25, 2019

In Trends to Watch in 2019 & Beyond, Omidyar Network partners with the Future Hunters to share some of the most interesting — and coincidentally self-contradictory — trends we’re seeing, which we deemed “trends to watch” this year.