Making Formal Financial Services Relevant to Indian Consumers: Why We Invested in Kaleidofin

April 15, 2018

India is starting to reap the benefits of several transformational initiatives launched in recent years, which are focused on improving access to the formal financial system. A staggering number of bank accounts have been opened by the Jan Dhan program.


EDUpreneurs Wanted

April 12, 2018

We are committed to supporting education changemakers — both in the nonprofit and for-profit space — but we need more “edupreneurs” willing to push boundaries; more governments and communities willing to pursue public-private collaboration; and more financial capital flowing into the sector to provide support.


High-Volume Recruitment Start-Up Giraffe Closes Second Funding Round

Announcement April 17, 2018

Giraffe, the automated high-volume recruitment start-up, announced that it has closed a second round of equity funding.


Researchers to Put Facebook's Role in Elections Under Magnifying Glass

Article April 10, 2018

Omidyar Network is joining six other funders to support a new initiative to study Facebook's role in elections and democracy.


Facebook announces commission to examine social media's effects on elections

Announcement April 9, 2018

Omidyar Network has joined an effort to fund a new initiative that will enable independent researchers to perform an assessment of the role that Facebook plays in elections.


Constituent Voices: Lean Data Learnings

Research Report March 6, 2018

Just as consumer testing is a key element in product development, we believe listening to constituents is critical in delivering positive outcomes for the beneficiaries we are working to serve. But too often, those voices are not heard by the actors driving capital, policy, and resources for their benefit.


Public Scrutiny of Automated Decisions: Early Lessons and Emerging Methods

Research Report February 27, 2018

Automated decisions are increasingly part of everyday life, but how can the public scrutinize, understand, and govern them? To begin to explore this, Omidyar Network has, in partnership with Upturn, published Public Scrutiny of Automated Decisions: Early Lessons and Emerging Methods.


Strengthening Kenyan Media: Exploring a Path Towards Journalism in the Public Interest

Research Report February 15, 2018

Omidyar Network, in partnership with social innovation agency Reboot, has today released a research report evaluating the state of the media in Kenya.