Bridging the Gap Between High Quality Content and Technology

August 10, 2018

Grupo VI-DA has compiled what we believe to be one of the largest collections of digital, Spanish-language content in the world. Over the past four years, Grupo VI-DA has negotiated licenses with over 600 publishers, for access to over 600,000 titles, including both adult and children’s books, textbooks, and literature.


Lessons Learned from Listening to Our Investees

August 8, 2018

Our work at Omidyar Network is grounded in the belief that people are interdependent, fundamentally good, and inherently capable. We believe that we are at our best when we listen to and learn from the people and organizations we serve.


Introducing the (World’s First) Ethical Operating System: A toolkit for anticipating future risk and building a better tech ecosystem

August 7, 2018

It’s no longer enough to simply profess an optimistic desire that the tech we build will have a positive effect on the world. We must create a system of design and development that places real value on ethical thinking from the outset, by incorporating future risk analysis and mitigation directly into our workflow.


Potential to Unlock Over US $50 Billion in Online Commerce

Announcement August 9, 2018

Bain & Company, Google, and Omidyar Network announce a new report exploring the potential to unlock over US $50 billion in online commerce in India by driving awareness, usage, and transactions among the current and next set of internet users and shoppers.


Steady Raises $9 Million in Series A Round; Shaquille O’Neal Joins the Company

Announcement August 7, 2018

Steady, an income-building platform for the Build-Your-Own (BYO) workforce, announced today that it has raised $9 million in Series A financing round from leading FinTech investors, including Omidyar Network.


Silicon Valley Writes a Playbook to Help Avert Ethical Disasters

Article August 7, 2018

Wired recently featured Ethical OS, a tool kit developed by the Tech and Society Solutions Lab to help makers of tech, product managers, engineers, and others get out in front of problems before they happen.


Unlocking Digital for Bharat: $50 Billion Opportunity

Research Report August 9, 2018

Bain & Company, Google, and Omidyar Network today release a research report exploring the next half billion internet users in India, their economic potential, and the barriers these users experience in coming online.


Building an Impact Investing Team

Case Study July 25, 2018

Once families decide to pursue impact investing, many wrestle with how to assemble the best talent to achieve their impact investing goals. To assist families in this process, we’re pleased to release a new guide, Building an Impact Investing Team.


Reimagining Agricultural Insurance to Protect Smallholder Farmers Worldwide

Multimedia April 25, 2018

Across Africa, an estimated 65 million smallhold farmers have little or no access to insurance products, resulting in drastic consequences after a bad season or failed crops.