A New Approach for a New Frontier

October 17, 2018

Since our founding in 2004, Omidyar Network has been a pioneer. We combined impact investing with traditional grantmaking in an approach to philanthropy that was catalytic, innovative, and early. Our venture-capitalist mindset let us see old problems in new ways and find market-based, tech-enabled innovations that could scale to match the global scope of those problems.


Parents are the Future: Reimagining Postsecondary Opportunities for Parent Learners

October 16, 2018

Why we invested in Entangled Solutions, bringing more visibility to parent learner population and inspiring innovative solutions that deliver the education, training, and credentials that many parents want and need.


With Great Code Comes Great Responsibility: Announcing the Responsible Computer Science Challenge

October 11, 2018

Move fast and break things. Grounded in disruptive progress, this mindset led to incredible innovation — but while the tech it created had positive impacts, some of it also came with unintended consequences.


New Competition Wants to Bring Ethics to Undergraduate Computer Science Classrooms

Article October 11, 2018

Tina Nazerian at EdSurge covers the launch of the Responsible Computer Science Challenge, the latest exciting initiative incubated at the Tech and Society Solutions Lab.


Silicon Valley Funders Issue Ambitious Challenge to Embed Ethical Thinking into Computer Science Curriculum at Colleges and Universities Nationwide

Announcement October 10, 2018

Final projects will be judged by an external review committee of academics, tech industry leaders, and others.


How Can Tech Companies Restore Trust? One Engineer at a Time

Article October 10, 2018

The Responsible Computer Science Challenge, incubated at Omidyar Network’s Tech and Society Solutions Lab, comes with a letter signed by more than 30 tech founders and executives reinstating the importance of teaching ethical standards to engineers.


Omidyar Network’s First 10 Years: An Impact Analysis

Research Report October 3, 2018

Omidyar Network’s First 10 Years: An Impact Analysis highlights our estimates of the impact of the firm’s investments made during our first 10 years, representing investments into 380 organizations and the deployment of $750 million across more than seven sectors and 40 countries.


What We’ve Learnt About Accelerating Impact In India

Research Report September 27, 2018

At Omidyar Network, we are inspired by the limitless potential of the aspiring Indian. As we reflect on our first decade on the ground, we recognize that the country has come a long way in creating empowerment and opportunities for all.


Unlocking Digital for Bharat: $50 Billion Opportunity

Research Report August 9, 2018

Bain & Company, Google, and Omidyar Network today release a research report exploring the next half billion internet users in India, their economic potential, and the barriers these users experience in coming online.