Research Report
Research Report

Constituent Voices: Trust and Privacy

October 1, 2017

At Omidyar Network, we start from a fundamental belief: People are inherently good and capable, but they often lack opportunity. We believe if we invest in people, through opportunity, they will create positive returns for themselves, their families, and the world at large.

But too often the voices of those at the far end of our interventions — the people we hope to empower — are not heard by the actors driving capital, policy, and resources for their benefit. Conversations center instead around entrepreneurs, capital markets, cost-benefit, or other top-down considerations.

We believe it’s essential to listen directly to the perspectives of the people we are working to serve. This series will share insights from those who engage with our own portfolio companies as well as those in the world more broadly. The goal is to help ground the activities of investors, philanthropists, and social change actors in the views of the actual people whom we all aim to empower, and to generate dialogue that can uncover changing trends to drive more effective outcomes.

In this first issue, Constituent Voices: Trust and Privacy, we present the findings from our global survey of 60,000 individuals’ perspectives on whom they trust — government or private companies — with their personal data. The survey captures data from 60 countries, and reveals a surprising degree of mistrust around the world that companies and governments alike will need to address if the digital economy is to succeed in the long run. 

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