Research Report
Research Report

Inflection Point

July 20, 2017

In partnership with SembraMedia, Omidyar Network has released Inflection Point, the most comprehensive study to date on the growth, impact, and threats to independent digital media in Latin America. The research report, which studied 100 independent digital media outlets across Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, reveals that these organizations are increasingly influential in covering issues that promote better governance and fight abuses of power, but face escalating physical and economic attacks that could force them to self-censor or terminate operations.

The ongoing challenges to democracy, openness, and accountability across Latin America are deeply concerning, and make the role of independent media in the region more important than ever.  The insights shared in the report provide recommendations for funders, investors, entrepreneurs, and journalists to scale their existing work, build more new platforms, improve financial sustainability, and increase the already significant impact the sector is delivering.

You can download the full report in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.