Jonathan Ossoff
Managing Director & CEO

Insight TWI: The World Investigates is an Emmy-winning investigative production team that equips local journalists with cutting-edge technology, sophisticated reporting techniques, and access to international broadcasters. In partnership with the world's best local investigative reporters, Insight TWI produces world-class documentaries and video reporting to make the important interesting, raising global awareness of corruption and criminal behavior.

The Insight TWI team is made up of award-winning journalists and filmmakers with decades of global experience working in high-risk environments, including Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Sorious Samura, and Ron McCullagh.

Anas is Africa’s most feared undercover reporter, a hero to human rights and transparency activists who has never shown his face in public; he teamed up with Insight TWI in 2011 to launch the award-winning “Africa Investigates” series. Samura, one of Africa’s most respected film and television journalists, made his international debut in 2000 with Insight TWI’s Emmy-winning documentary “Cry Freetown” about the Sierra Leonean civil war. McCullagh, a BBC veteran who covered the fall of the Berlin Wall for BBC television news in 1989, founded Insight TWI in 1991 and has overseen the production of dozens of investigative film projects around the world.

Today, Insight TWI is expanding the “Africa Investigates” model, identifying talented journalists from across Africa and beyond, and providing them with critical training and production support. Insight TWI’s team mentors local journalists on law, ethics, and the techniques of undercover investigation to develop their stories into ‘must watch’ programming.