At Omidyar Network, we believe market forces can be a potent driver for positive social change. That’s why we invest in both for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, whose complementary roles can advance entire sectors.  Our efforts are focused in six key areas that strengthen prosperous, stable, and open societies: Digital Identity, Education, Emerging Tech, Financial Inclusion, Governance & Citizen Engagement, and Property Rights.

Property Rights

Amazon Conservation Team

The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) is dedicated to preserving South American rainforests by working with local communities to map and secure rights to their indigenous lands.


BRAC empowers the world’s poor through a comprehensive set of development initiatives.


Cadasta Foundation provides an innovative, cost-effective global technology platform that collects and manages property ownership, occupancy, and spatial data.

Cities Alliance

Cities Alliance is a global partnership improving the lives of urban populations by delivering integrated, citywide, and innovative solutions to urban poverty in cities where it matters the most.

Clark University

Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography is developing a scalable, fast, and cost-effective land cover mapping platform that seamlessly fuses human and machine intelligence.


COLANDEF aims to secure land tenure rights and promote women’s empowerment in Ghana through local governance, policy advocacy, and mainstreaming gender into development.

Duke University

Researchers are working to better understand households living in slums in India and to identify different types of slum settlements using satellite image analysis.

Foundation for Ecological Security

The Foundation for Ecological Security extends land rights to India’s rural poor.

Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship

Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship at NYU School of Law is the first center of its kind at a law school and it is advancing a global movement that creates new ways for law and lawyers to drive positive change in the world.

Indian Institute for Human Settlements

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) is an educational and research institution committed to the equitable, sustainable, and efficient transformation of Indian settlements.

Land Alliance

Land Alliance is a think-and-do tank that tests new approaches to defining and managing rights, shares expertise and best practices globally, and supports groups working to scale the solution of land issues.

Land Portal

Land Portal is the leading online resource for information, data, and knowledge exchange on land and property rights.


Landesa empowers the world's rural poor by providing them with opportunities to obtain secure property rights and achieve greater security, stability, and wealth.


Meridia is an end-to-end solution for land and property documentation for individuals and communities in emerging markets, where accurate maps and effective land administration systems do not often exist.

Micro Aerial Projects

Micro Aerial Projects LLC’s mission is to identify sustainable and appropriate civilian geospatial applications of unmanned or remotely controlled aerial vehicles and to support and provide efficient, cost effective, safe, and responsible geo-spatial solutions.


MicroBuild Fund is the first housing-specific microfinance investment vehicle of its kind dedicated to helping low-income families.


N/Core is an incubation program for nonprofit startups in India.

New America

New America’s Future of Property Rights program examines the intersection of tech and policy in the property rights space.

Overseas Development Institute

Overseas Development Institute is an independent think tank focused on international development and humanitarian issues.


Radiant provides a shared infrastructure for open access to remotely sensed imagery, spatial data, and technology tools to support global development.


Spruce is a title insurance, escrow, and closing company using technology to enable fast, frictionless, and secure real estate transactions.


Suyo helps families to secure their property rights by offering the most affordable and reliable property formalization services in Latin America.

Swarna Pragati

Swarna Pragati is India’s first affordable rural housing microfinance company and aspires to build a society where everyone has a house in which to live with dignity.

Tata Trusts

Tata Trusts is working to map the Odisha slum’s informal settlements and issue property titles for parcels of land currently occupied by slum households.

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia.

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting supports a large network of independent journalists who cover under-reported global issues.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

The Thomson Reuters Foundation promotes socio-economic progress and the rule of law worldwide. The Foundation runs programs that inform, connect, and ultimately empower people around the world.

Transerve Technologies

Transerve Technologies works with cities to provide affordable tech solutions to infrastructure management issues such as property tax collection.

Alumni Investees

Climate Policy Initiative

Climate Policy Initiative works to improve energy and land use policies around the world, with a particular emphasis on finance.

Indufor North America

Indufor North America is a forest asset valuation firm that is working with partners to develop a tool to help communities and governments ascertain the economic value of their land.

Institute for Liberty and Democracy

The Institute for Liberty and Democracy works with governments to empower the poor through property and business rights.

International Land Coalition

The International Land Coalition promotes secure and equitable access to land for the rural poor.


Namati is building a global movement of grassroots legal advocates who work with communities to advance justice.


National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) is India’s oldest and largest independent, nonprofit, economic policy research institute.

Red Tierras

Red Tierras and Fundacion Tierra use innovative technology to improve the land titling process for marginalized communities in Bolivia.

Rights and Resources Initiative

Rights and Resources Initiative is a nonprofit seeking to increase forest ownership for local communities and indigenous peoples worldwide.

SEEP Network

SEEP Network builds a global learning community for microfinance networks and associations.