At Omidyar Network, we believe market forces can be a potent driver for positive social change. That’s why we invest in both for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, whose complementary roles can advance entire sectors.  Our efforts are focused in four key areas: Beneficial Technology (Digital IdentityTech and Society Solutions Lab, and Responsible Tech), Discovering Emergent Issues (Exploration & Future Sensing), and Reimagining Capitalism (New EconomyWorker Power, and Impact Investing).


Tech and Society Solutions Lab

Center for Humane Technology

The Center for Humane Technology aims to realign technology with humanity’s best interests.

Civic Signals

Civic Signals is creating new metrics to transform the health of democratic discourse online for major social media platforms. is building civic infrastructure for the future of work that enables people to connect to one another by sharing campaign ideas, stories, and data to improve their working conditions.


Doteveryone is a UK-based think tank that champions responsible technology for the good of everyone in society.

Ethical OS

The Ethical Operating System (Ethical OS) is a framework for product managers, engineers, and those creating tech to bake thoughtfulness into their product process. It was designed in collaboration with Institute for the Future (IFTF). is a training experience that uses data insights and basic communication principles to build empathy in companies.

Responsible Computer Science Challenge

The Responsible Computer Science Challenge is an initiative incubated by Omidyar Network and co-funded by Mozilla, Schmidt Futures, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies to jumpstart and scale promising approaches to integrating ethical thinking and social consideration into technical undergraduate Computer Science education.

Social Science Resource Council

Omidyar Network is a funding two-year initiative with the international, independent nonprofit Social Science Research Council (SSRC) to examine social media’s role in elections and democracy.


Should This Exist? is a WaitWhat original podcast series where host Caterina Fake asks big questions about tech and humanity.

Zebras Unite

Zebras Unite is building a movement to counter existing startup and venture capital culture.

Alumni Investees

Ethical Hacking Initiative

Omidyar Network worked with Major League Hacking on an Ethical Hacking Initiative that inspired more than 3,000 collegiate hackers to consider the potential unintended consequences of their hacks.

Ethics in Technology Practice

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University produced and tested a suite of materials to help tech companies embed ethical considerations into their development processes.

Global Data Ethics Pledge

Omidyar Network partnered with Data for Democracy to create and scale a Hippocratic Oath for data scientists.

TechEquity Collaborative

The TechEquity Collaborative is engaging the tech community to build a more equitable and inclusive twenty-first century economy.