Omidyar Network's leadership and investment professionals bring rich experience from the public, private, and social sectors to their roles. Our team works together to create opportunity for people to improve their lives by making catalytic investments and collaborating with investees to help them grow and succeed.

Pierre Omidyar
Co-Founder and Founding Partner
Pam Omidyar
Mike Kubzansky
Chief Executive Officer
Pat Christen
Board Member
Jeff Alvord
Board Member
Nicole Allred
Manager, Strategic Communications
Tanmay Amar
Director, Legal Affairs
Magdi Amin
Managing Director, Beneficial Technology
Aviva Aminova
Associate General Counsel, Legal
Thea Anderson
Director, Beneficial Technology
Allen Babaran
Director, Information Technology
Byrd Bannick
Project Manager, People Operations
Sonny Bardhan
Senior Director, Strategy
Ashley Beckner
Venture Partner, Investments
Subhashish Bhadra
Principal, Beneficial Technology
Lisa Costello
Executive Assistant, People Operations
Namita Dalmia
Vinice Davis
Venture Partner
Anamitra Deb
Senior Director, Beneficial Technology
Sarah Drinkwater
Director, Beneficial Technology
Eliza Erikson
Investment Partner
Carolyn Farley
Associate, Investment Management
Leta Fisher
Office Manager and Executive Administrator
Joelle Gamble
Principal, Reimagining Capitalism
Shikha Goyal
Investment Adviser
Zarrina Hakimova
Legal Assistant
Rebecca Hankin
Director, Marketing & Communications
Isabelle Hau
Investment Partner
Brian Healy
Corporate Counsel. Legal
Simone Hill
Senior Manager, Equity and Belonging, People Ops
Larry Ho
Senior Director, Infrastructure
Jeff Hom
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Legal
Hans Huang
Systems Architect
Heidi Johnson
Grants Manager, Legal
Chris Jurgens
Director, Impact Investing and Acting Chief of Staff
Sarvesh Kanodia
Associate, Investments
Beth Kanter
Chief Advocacy & Strategic Communications Officer
Jessica Kiessel
Director, Learning & Impact
Jonathan Kirschner
Senior Director, Investment Management
Sushant Kumar
Principal, Beneficial Technology
Jill Macari
Director, Beneficial Technology
CV Madhukar
Managing Director, Beneficial Technology
Annie Maxwell
Executive Vice President
Teresa Mbagaya
Principal, Investments
Judy McBride
Trenell McCauley
Executive Administrative Assistant
Jason McNally
IT Manager
Claire Morgan
Contracts Administrator, Legal
Samuel Mugacha
Associate, Investments
Enyi Okebugwu
Analyst, Investments
Gretchen Phillips
Chief of Staff
Peter Rabley
Venture Partner
Eshanthi Ranasinghe
Principal, Exploration and Future Sensing
Amy Regas
Director, Property Rights
Cristina Reyes
Executive Administrator and Office Manager
Gus Rossi
Principal, Beneficial Technology
Jesús Salas
Associate, Beneficial Technology
Anthony Sandrik
Global Head of Talent
Laura Scholes
Payroll Manager
Govind Shivkumar
Principal, Beneficial Technology
Libby Smiley
Director, Strategic Communications
Robynn Steffen
Director, Impact Investing
Lily Steinbach
Head of Finance
Victor Suen
Director, Data Systems & Analysis
Archie Sumala
Senior IT Support Administrator, Information Technology
Fabio Tran
Director, Investments
Dena Trujillo
Venture Partner, Investments
Michaela Washington
Administrative Assistant
Abiah Weaver
Director, Beneficial Technology
Tracy Williams
Director, Reimagining Capitalism
Stefanie Wulf
Senior Paralegal, Legal