Abiah Weaver

Director, Beneficial Technology

As a director on the beneficial technology team, Abiah drives awareness and understanding of digital identity, and helps communicate the firm’s view on issues like privacy, personal data protection, and informed user consent.

Over the past 15 years, Abiah has raised the public profile of some of the world’s most recognized causes. She’s led a series of award-winning communications campaigns to promote life-saving vaccinations, advocate for gun violence prevention, raise funds for disaster response, improve the public education system, and help mothers around the world survive childbirth.

While at the American Red Cross, Abiah directed a technology incubator that assisted startups, major corporations, universities, and nonprofits in their efforts to improve financial inclusion, resilience, health outcomes, and living conditions in more than 24 countries. Most recently, Abiah served as global director of marketing and communications for the Social Progress Imperative, where she helped communicate changes in quality of life around the world, improve the measurement of the Sustainable Development Goals, and influence leaders to improve living conditions, education, the environment, and freedoms.

Abiah holds a B.A. in journalism and public relations from Western Washington University.