Roy Steiner

Senior Director, Learning & Impact

As the senior director of the Intellectual Capital team, Roy is focused on enabling the Omidyar Network to become a highly innovative and effective learning organization. Roy works across all regions and initiatives, working closely with both the board and the management team. His work focuses on helping the firm achieve its learning objective at all levels - ranging from external trends and environmental shifts, to testing our theories of change to social impact considerations to internal operational activities, and many facets in between.

Prior to joining Omidyar Network, Roy served for nearly a decade at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a deputy director and founding member of the agricultural development Initiative in the foundation’s global development program.  Previous to the Gates Foundation, Roy spent 8 years in Africa where he was founder and CEO of Cyberplex Africa, one of the largest web development and knowledge management companies in southern Africa. Early in his career, Roy was an original founder and managing director of Africa Online, where he pioneered the delivery of Internet service in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, Roy was a senior manager of CH2MHill and a founding member of CH2MHill’s Strategies Group, which focused on assisting large corporate clients in strategically managing key environmental engineering and water management issues. Roy also has served McKinsey & Co both as a consultant early in his career and most recently as a senior advisor.

Roy holds a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in agricultural and biological engineering with minors in economics and International development from Cornell University. He also holds two B.S. degrees in both mechanical engineering and biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.