Tracy Williams

Director, Intellectual Capital

As a director on the intellectual capital team, Tracy leads the Omidyar Network’s exploration on the future of work and political economy. She also supports the Financial Inclusion team on their strategy, research, and impact & learning efforts. 

Prior to joining Omidyar Network, Tracy was at McKinsey & Company, first as a consultant and later as McKinsey’s Global Practice Manager for Economic Development, a role where she led the client, knowledge, and people strategies to support McKinsey’s economic development work around the world. During her five years at McKinsey, she worked across the public, private, and social sectors in South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and the US and touched various sectors including healthcare, agriculture, power, and mining. She was also a founder of the DC Social Impact Group (SIG), an all-volunteer effort by the McKinsey DC office to support local area nonprofits. Before joining McKinsey, Tracy worked for five years in economic policy and international development, including covering tax policy and education at The Hamilton Project (Brookings), helping to launch the global policy team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and running a major citizen-led survey of child malnutrition in India - the HUNGaMA survey - through the Naandi Foundation in Hyderabad, India.

Tracy earned her B.A. from Stanford University in political science and economics with Honors and Distinction.  She completed two graduate degrees as a Marshall Scholar in the United Kingdom in international politics (University of Wales, Aberystwyth) and development studies (Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex).