is Technology Reinventing Social Impact?
How is Technology Reinventing Social Impact?

Breaking Barriers to Scaling Social Good

March 13, 2015

We have entered the age of social impact 2.0. Startups, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies are all working to tackle some of society’s most pressing social challenges at an unprecedented scale. No longer are we working in siloes, taking on small fractions of the problem at a time. Rather, we are pooling knowledge and resources around the globe to create opportunity for individuals to improve their lives – in part, powered by technology.

Mobile, social networks, and crowdsourcing are just a few of the low-cost pathways employed by today’s social entrepreneurs and innovators. From MicroEnsure leveraging mobile to provide insurance to the financially underserved in Asia and Africa, to HopeLab’s thoughtful design of a video game to help kids with cancer fight their disease, technology is unlocking solutions to problems that once seemed insurmountable.

We must continue to look ahead and determine how we will break through the remaining barriers to scaling social good. To do just this, we are launching a new learning series with The Bridgespan Group. Together, we’ll discuss how organizations including HopeLab, MicroEnsure, RLabs, Lenddo, Bridge International Academies, and Indiegogo are successfully using technology to create transformative scale. We’ll also explore what the next frontier of tech-powered social impact looks like, and how we’re going to get there.

The series – TechSocial: Breaking Barriers to Scaling Social Good – launches Tuesday, March 17, with a live webinar featuring Pat Christen, president and CEO of HopeLab; Richard Leftley, CEO of MicroEnsure; and Abe Grindle, consultant for The Bridgespan Group. The series will continue with a set of blog posts appearing on Fast Company’s Co.Exist site through April 2015.

Register for the free webinar:

We hope you’ll join the conversation over the next several weeks on Twitter through #TransformativeScale and follow us @OmidyarNetwork for highlights and insights from the series.


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